The roots of ISIS can be traced from the present day to ancient time of Kurdistan

A Kurdish poet written on a leather (parchment) was founded in Sharizor near Suleymaniya (Silemani), mentions about how Zoroastrian/Yazdani Kurds (Before islamic army invation of Kurdistan, Kurds were Yazdani/Yazidis (Êzîdî)/Zoroastrian etc.) were being slaughtered and women were being taken as captives by Arab invaders in Kurdistan. Does it sound like what ISIS terrorists did to Yazidi Kurds? Lets read the poet that was written more than a thousand year ago;

Original version In Kurdish:

“Hormuzekan reman atran kujan,Vişan şarde ve Gevre gevrekan, Zorkar-ı Ereb kirdne Xapur, Guna-i Pale heta Şarezor. Şinuv keniykan u dil beşiyna, Mired Azanli jiruyi hevina, revişt-i Zerduşt re maneve bikes, Bezika neyika Hormuz u hiçkes”

In English:

“The ones in need of help from Hormuz (Awroman, Ahura Mazda) were all destroyed, They put out our fire, these the strongest of strong were hidden, cruel Arabs ruined all city of Saharizor (in South Kurdistan) including villages and towns, captured, enslaved all our woman and girls, all our brave man covered with blood and Zoroastrian temples remained master-less, Hormuz did show no mercy to anyone”

Now! do you think ISIS cruelty is new in middle east? definitely not as it can be traced to ancient times and It is not gonna be the last cruelty. As Middle East has been home for numerous religions beliefs and ethnicity, there will be always as struggle between oppressors and freedom fighters as far as I have seen in the light of history.

The Yezidi Oral Tradition in Iraqi Kurdistan


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