Turkish PM Davutoglu and Turkish Hypocrisy in #Syria (Kobane)

Davutoglu claims that the suffering of Kurds in Kobane is the result of supporting Assad in Syria whereas Kurds were neutral and didn’t want to support either side. As Syrian oppositions were not proposing anything for Kurds but oppression and As you know Assad regime didn’t even let Kurds have an ID card. Once Davutoglu failed topple ASSAD regime now he is trying to find some to blame as if he didnt supply tons of weapons to ISIS, AL Nusra and other Jihadi gangs in the name of “Sunni State” which has been confirmed by John Biden, the Vice President of USA.

And when Kurds in Syria give up to join FSA (umbrella of rebel groups in Syria) and complained about Kurdish status after ASSAD regime in meeting with FSA members they were saying Turkey don’t want us to propose any right to Kurds! As if its not enough of oppress Kurds in Turkey, they dont want Kurds gain anything in any other geography on earth!

You would prevent Kurds having their basic human rights in Syria through rebel groups and now have a face to blame Kurds of being sided with oppressor ASSAD regime?

And recently Turkey have offered help for Kobane but! in condition of vanishing Kurdish administrations (3 Cantons; Kobane, Jazeera, Afrin) Why? as you know Kurdish hatred and fear of Kurdistan! despite other local Syrian people agree on to deliver Kurdish rights.

In this case would you say there is no racism in Turkey or Turkish hatred towards Kurds? Would you say Turkey is democratic? Would you say Turkey is NOT supporting Jihadi terrorism.

As far as I know Turkey is the most well-known blackmailer country on earth. And if they keep being against Kurds, all their policies will fail and become clown of Middle East and the World.


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  1. I used to feel uncomfortable about Assyrian, Chaldean and Kurdish antiquities collected a hundred years ago sitting in western museums. After seeing what IS has done I’m just glad something was saved.

  2. From California, I’ve been closely following recent events in Syria + Turkey, including the courageous role(s) of the Kurdish people fighting ISIS. HERE’S AN IDEA…Kurdish leaders establish an “Office of Kurdistan” at the U.N. similar to the “Office of Tibet”.

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